Aerodyne’s DT3 `(drone technology, data technology & digital transformation) solutions resolve complex pain points of major industries worldwide by offering valuable capabilities for applications such as transmission tower inspection, wind turbines (WTG), solar farms and other critical infrastructures.

Our commitment to a better future

Sustainability in Aerodyne

We strive to minimise environmental footprint, promote social well-being and uphold strong governance principles along with our partners as we embark on sustainability journey. We believe that by embracing sustainability, Aerodyne will be able to enhance our resilience and competitiveness, contribute to a greener, more inclusive future for our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.


Environmental stewardship through cooperation, transparency & accountability across all aspects of our business. As we integrate sustainability into our growth strategy, we aim to drive a positive impact towards the planet.

Carbon emission baseline setting
779,797 kgCO2 in total encompassing GHG Scope 1, 2 and 3 to understand our gaps and opportunities for emission reduction.
Environmental practices & policies
100% sustainable drone battery recycling from operations and all suppliers screened through environmental assessment.
Energy management
32% implementation of renewable energy system within facility with ongoing energy-efficient practices.


Social sustainability through shared sense of purpose in driving innovation and create a positive impact that extends beyond our organisation. We believe in safeguarding all of our stakeholders through policies and practices within business and people.

Equality and Diversity
1:1 gender pay ratio of women to men with advancing social initiatives such as Women @ Aerodyne to foster a safe and inclusive environment for all.
Women Empowerment
6% growth of women in leadership management by end of 2023 from our recruitment trend.
Occupational Health and Safety
Zero lost injury with 0.55 mil safe man-hours governed by ISO 45001:2018 and our OSH management system.


Responsible governance by maintaining transparency, integrity and ethical practices in our conducts of doing business across all industries.

Process Digitalisation
Harnessing the insights from our digital tools and system in finance and human resource for key-decision making.
Anti-Bribery and Corruption
100% compliant to Anti-Bribery Management System Policy through communication to all employees to combat these unethical practices across our business.
Intellectual Property Management
13 IP filings completed with IP Policy and Manual implemented to ensure safety, reliability, and effectiveness of our technology.

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