We use cutting edge technology such as our newly developed AI-driven, collaborative, swarm, nested drone system. Our autonomous drones employ a host of advanced technologies that allow them to carry out their missions without human intervention such as cloud computing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and thermal sensors.

Aerodyne’s Award-Winning Platforms & Data Analytics

5G Nested Drone Solution

When sensors detect an intrusion at the perimeter, a security drone can be dispatched much quicker than a person on foot. 

Once at a scene they are able to spot, track and report the movements of an intruder. 

This also removes humans from any risk of danger. 

Due to its rapid situational awareness, drones are able to provide aid to first responders in emergency cases. 


Autonomous charging platform to ensure persistence 24/7 surveillance.


Provide actionable insights that allow sharing strategic intelligence to operation team.

Swarm Technology

Drones are able to communicate and to be deployed in multiple numbers simultaneously


AI-driven system to communicate with multiple sources of data providing a fully autonomous ecosystem.

5G Enabled

Our technology supports 5G to enable fast and low latency communications and connectivity.

Remote Sensing Technologies





3D Point Cloud


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